Our History

  1. timeline 1995

    How it all started

    Dr. Dengel began his DXA/body research

  2. Research Began

    Use of DXA to measure abdominal fat
    timeline 1997
  3. timeline 2000

    A New Beginning

    Dr. Dengel joins the University of Minnesota faculty
  4. Teaming Up

    Dr. Bosch joins Dr. Dengel's Lab
    timeline 2011
  5. timeline 2012

    NFL Team Studies

    Dr. Dengel's lab started working with an NFL Team on using DXA scans for body composition
  6. More Research

    - Began studies on body composition of National Football League players - Abdominal visceral adipose tissue differences in NFL football players
    timeline 2014
  7. timeline 2015

    Dexaltyics is born

    Dr. Dengel and Bosch developed Dexalytics in partnership with Education Technology Innovations team at the University of Minnesota
  8. Assessing Method

    Developed method for assessing lateral compartmental leg composition using dual- X-ray absorptiometry
    timeline 2016
  9. timeline 2017

    Dexalytics Beta

    Initiate studies on ACL and leg composition
  10. Dexalytics:TEAMS(TM)

    Announced distribution partnership with Hologic, Inc. for North America.
    timeline 2018
  11. timeline 2018

    More to Come

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Who Are We?

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