Evaluating a 5'10" 175lbs. Defensive Back

Hypothetically, let’s say the scouting report for this defensive back is: He is a little weak in jams and taking on blockers, but has above average speed/quickness. How could we use the forecast tool to identify if body type is a limiting factor and how changing mass may affect these qualities?

First, let’s look at his current estimates against College and Pro Norms at his position:











Using the table and graphs above he is currently undersized from a weight and muscle mass standpoint compared to College and Pro Norms. Based on this, you may look to add weight to the athlete. What type of weight is added (Fat vs. Muscle) would impact if this change in weight is likely to affect his scouting profile (weak, but athletic). 

Below shows the forecasting out of a 5-15 lbs change. We can see that with 15 lbs we get a large increase in muscle mass without a large change in expected percent fat.

This forecast would suggest that this player could add weight without a significant increase in proportional fat. The increases in muscle without a large proportional increase in fat mass should help his strength (Jamming and taking on blockers) without impairing his athletic abilities (speed/quickness). Monitoring how his speed and quickness are changing as he adds mass will be important. Additionally, much more accurate information can be determined by getting a full DXA scan to measure his exact values. 

Try the quick forecast for yourself or contact us to talk about how Dexalytics can help give you better information about your players.


About the Author:

Tyler Bosch, PhD is a Research Scientist in the College of Education and Human Development at the University of Minnesota, and is a co-founder of Dexalytics.

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