Better Information. Better Decisions. Better Athletes.

Better Information

DXA provides the most accurate and reliable body composition data available, and Dexalytics gives you better information by turning that data into actionable information for each of your athletes.  We reduce the many pages of data produced by DXA and give you one manageable score for each athlete, the Dexalytics Score, and connect body composition to performance to optimize your athletes.

Better Decisions

The Dexalytics Score is a sport and position specific metric that brings together body composition and performance.  We provide easy comparisons of players and between positions to help you make better decisions about athletes. Actionable areas of improvement are identified so the athlete, performance staff and coach are all on the same page about how to maximize each athlete’s performance.

Better Athletes

Performance is the endgame, and Dexalytics provides clear information about each athlete’s body type in relation to performance.  Dexalytics helps develop better athletes by identifying the key body composition characteristics that separate individuals and provide clear, actionable information of how to improve an athlete’s body composition.

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