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Better Information

DXA provides the most accurate and reliable body composition data available, and Dexalytics gives you better information by turning that data into actionable information for each of your athletes. We harness the power of the data produced by DXA to provide new insights into body composition, such as upper body to lower body lean mass ratios and asymmetries.

Better Decisions

Regardless of the sport or the position played, player health and optimal performance is the goal. Whether you are evaluating a player after injury, monitoring a player over time, or comparing players to one another, Dexalytics was designed and built to allow all coaches, sports medicine, and sports performance staff to make the best possible decisions up and down the roster and during new player evaluations.

Better Athletes

Dexalytics pushes body composition into performance composition, providing teams with the ability to develop athletes in ways that best suit their program. DXA is the only body composition methodology that provides information on three, rather than two components - fat mass, lean mass, and bone mineral density. As you work to develop better athletes, understanding the amount and distribution of lean mass, a key driver of speed, power and performance, is critical, and Dexalytics makes it easier than ever.

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